Agustin Richard

Argentine-born, eclectic guitar player and songwriter. Since 2013 has produced and edited Fue de la Inquietud, Pequeña Muerte y Lo débil de mi árbol and singles like Y De Los Edificios, Palomas, El Beso Primero, Nada Locura. At the end of 2015 he moved to Europe, traveled in France and Germany, eventually settling in Barcelona, Spain. There he met Giuliano Gius Cobelli (drummer and producer for Maia Vidal, Pacosan, Juanjo Fernandez Quintet), with whom he co-produced "Lo Débil De Mi Arbol EP", "Fue de la Inquietud Remasters" and "Pequeña Muerte”, along with a series of animated videos for the songs of these albums. Currently and after a two-year journey, he is based in Entre Rios, Argentina.

Bandius Companion

Started as the solo project of a musician digging his accordion and exploring sounds, developing his craft between daily street performances and studio sessions. In 2014 the first releases appear with the singles “Pupu Naich” and “Rosewaltz”, both extracted from soundtracks for films and theatre. B.C. goes back to street performances until 2015 and with compositions created in that period produce “Gastank” with the Italian electronic master Paul Pet (Polpette - Dharma Label) and “Bailè”, a composition from the street repertoire. The next recording session begins in Venice and ends in Barcelona in 2016, inspired by old exotica and waves of traditional folk from the 60s and 70s. “Selected Grooves" became a cult EP for his followers.


ChUPACONChA is a hypnofunk duo formed by Juice (Giuliano Gius Cobelli, electric trumpet) and Jordan (Giorgio Fausto Menossi, drums). The band started in 2007 when the two Italian musicians met again in Barcelona after having briefly collaborated in Italy. Both jazz and hippie lovers, they mix improvised rock, funk, psychedelic and electronic music in wild and furious sessions and concerts.

Giuliano G.I.U.S. Cobelli

G.I.U.S. aka Giuliano Gius Cobelli is also half of the hypnofunk dúo Chupaconcha, producer for Maia Vidal, improviser in The Near Death Ensemble and other projects, performing with drums, percussions, synths, electronics and trumpet through effects and loop stations.


Guretti is the homonym first record of the musical collaboration between the accordionist Angelo Cacciolato and the visual artist and musician Tiziano Ciao. Tiziano plays a big wooden harp, similar to a santoor or a dulcimer, which he builds himself out of old drawers. Tuning to Angelo’s accordion, soon they found out how well the instruments blended together. Creating silence before sound, and space, and a delicate dialogue between the instruments, leading and following gently, in a beautiful, moving, mystical journey.

John Humphrey Coconut

John Humphrey Coconut was born in Barcelona in 1986. Self-taught musician, poet and painter. His poetry of romantic and cursed style is crossed with the suffering of a schizophrenia that accompanies him in his writings. His style and pictorial motifs lie in a set of themes such as palm trees and naked women, in paintings full of intense chromatic nuances. His musical style comes from blues, rock, funk, pop and tropicalism, born of it songs full of color and with African touches.

The Near Death Ensemble

THE NEAR DEATH ENSEMBLE is a POST-JAZZ FREE-ROCK CONSPIRACY of SOUND started by guitarist/composer Marc Curcio, also featuring Jorge de Rocha (double bass), Santiago Arteaga (bass), Giuliano Gius Cobelli (trumpet, percs, keys, theremin), Francisco 'Pacho' Frieri (drums set), Owen Kilfeather (tapes and devices), Giorgio Menossi (drums), Gabriel Millan (synths), Andrea turbo Barbiero and more...

THE NEAR DEATH ENSEMBLE is a cocktail of improvised music encompassing Cinematic, Post-Rock, Kraut Rock, Electronic, Soundscape, Free Jazz, Free Funk, Hip-Hop, Jazz Noir, Post-Punk and Dub. Featuring an international group of musicians from US, Europe and South America with influences such as Bill Laswell, John Zorn, Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin, Miles Davis, Trans Am, Mogwai, Tortoise, Marc Ribot, George Clinton, Mike Patton, Sun Ra, Swans, Gang of Four.